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Jadash Products by Innovation Aguero.

We are Innovation Agüero, a company created in the state of Pennsylvania, USA.

We design, develop, manufacture and market new products to large, medium, and small companies. We also offer direct to consumer products.

For us it is a pleasure to be able to contribute and add value to the market, we are pleased to serve and innovate and make life more comfortable for our customers.

Meaning of the brand.






Nuevo Modelo

Jadash: It is the pronunciation in the Hebrew language, which means “New Model.”

This is the name we have defined for our diverse line of products.

Vision, Mission, and Commitment.

Our VISION is to add value to the market with the MISSION to satisfy those needs that other existing products cannot, so our COMMITMENT is to create and design new product models that do not exist in the market and to collaborate with the existing ones.

We are aware that human beings are undergoing a process of change and innovation, which is why we are pleased to provide greater comfort and hygiene, especially to aesthetic art professionals and the public.

The shoulder towel

was created thinking of a need of our designer and founder, José Alberto Agüero, who has worked as a barber for more than 20 years.

Years of Experience

Motivation of the invention the utility towel/soulder towel.

In the need to acquire more comfort in my work and to provide my clients with greater comfort when I was performing the shaving process, I realized that the traditional square towel did not.


The traditional square towel used in beauty salons and barbershops was not enough because the fumes and chemicals we used in the work area would transfer to the client’s clothes and also the client’s clothes would fall to the floor very easily because they were not fastened to the neck.


In the search for a towel or napkin that satisfies my needs, I did not find them, that is why I designed The Utility Towel / The Shoulder Towel.” Jose A Aguero

  Since then, he decided to create this wonderful new product which he is currently sharing with the world.


Currently, THE SHOULDER TOWEL is in the promotion and sale phase on the Amazon.com platform with very good acceptance by the users of this platform, which has a global reach.


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The shoulder towel

We recommend THE SOULDER TOWEL to those beauty professionals who wish to provide excellent service and greater comfort; Especially those professionals who work in aesthetic art in addition to daily use at home.

The Utility Towel gives you that comfort

For example, when doing make-up, shaving or offering a facial, spa and other services you need a safe and comfortable surface to clean objects and clients’ faces, if necessary, with the same work product and, at the same time, protect clients of the items used.

The utility towel gives you that convenience.


Here I detail some of the added values offered by the shoulder towel


With its internal collar, it does not allow fluids to penetrate to the lower part of the client's neck.


It will be placed on top of the normal layer.


It fastens to the neck with buttons or ties.


Covers from the neck to below the shoulders.


It allows the professional a greater performance when preparing his work because he will not be aware that it will fall to the ground or wet the user's clothes.


The professional can clean their work objects, with the same towel, if necessary.


It contains 5 buttons that you can adjust to your size, anticipating the movement of the towel, covering the neck, shoulders and back.


With a perfect circumferential space, you can clean the client's face with the same towel without the need to remove it from the neck and much more.


Mildred 01

Mildred Cepeda

Co- Founder Mildred Cepeda

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Alberto Aguero

Founder designer

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